How to plan the perfect wedding?

by aiowedding on July 16, 2013

So your husband or wife to be said yes? First of all; congratulations! Now that you have overcome hurdle number one the next task is to get planning and ensure your big day runs like clockwork.

There’s no two ways about it; planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and involved tasks any couple can undertake together. With dozens upon dozens of wedding fairs, books and magazines offering advice left, right and centre on how to make your wedding day special it can be hard to know who to turn to.

Here are some straight-talking wedding planning tips that will hopefully take the weight off your shoulders and provide some creative inspiration:

Who will you invite?

 First of all, it is highly recommended that you consider who you wish to invite to the wedding and share your day with. This will undoubtedly shape the budget you require in order to accommodate your guests at the church and subsequent wedding reception.

Decide whether you want it to be a casual affair where both friends and relatives are made welcome or whether you wish it to be a more formal affair inviting only the ‘inner circle’ of close friends and family members. It certainly helps to decide on numbers as early as possible when considering all the other factors of a wedding.

 The wedding date

 You may have a specific date or time of the year in mind for your wedding already. If so, regardless of the type of venue, it is important to book the date as soon as possible so you can line up everything else that’s part of your package.

 The venue

 Once you have set a date that you wish to get married you can then decide on the location of your dreams. With a date in mind you can talk directly with venue managers and assess their availability and get a firm ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The last thing you want is to waste days or weeks finalising a venue. Some venues may offer to host the ceremony and the reception in its entirety. If you’re planning a summer wedding with an outside reception then a marquee with adequate non-slip flooring would be recommended to combat any uneven or wet ground – particularly given the unpredictable English summers!

 The invitations

 So you’ve decided on a date, you’ve decided on a venue, you’re now in a position to be able to invite your chosen guests. Select a design and template that best presents you and your partner. Don’t forget to share the wedding gift list with guests who would really appreciate any guidance so they can give you something you will cherish or need in your new home together.

 The dress

 The highlight of the day for the female of the species, the bride’s dress. First of all, inform your bridesmaids and let it be known so there is no competition! Then you can enjoy the trips to try dresses on – yet another excuse for a girly day out together. If you wish to have something tailor-made especially for you then it is important to arrange a consultation with your chosen seamstress or designer.

 The transport

 Whether you wish to arrive by horse and cart, limousine or any other mode of transport you will need to book exactly what is required to take yourself and loved ones to and from the wedding. You will also need to consider transportation to your honeymoon as you’re waved off by your family and friends!

 Stag and hen nights

 You will undoubtedly want to enjoy your last night of ‘freedom’ with your friends on stag and hen parties. However, where you go and what you do might just be out of your hands – you’ll have to trust your best man or bridesmaids to make the right choices! Arrange stag and hen night dates as early as possible and make all invited guests aware of the costs involved in travel and accommodation if you’re venturing afar.

 The wedding photography

 Your wedding is likely to be the most special day of your life and it is therefore essential to document the event with a photo album and cherish those memories. It is often advised to choose a wedding photographer on the recommendation of a friend or family member as you will want to feel comfortable with the way they work on your big day.

You can never be too prepared for your wedding day. To enjoy the perfect celebration of your love for one another be sure to stay ahead of the game and ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

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