How to Plan the Wedding of a Lifetime

by aiowedding on October 1, 2013

Your wedding is an extra special and hopefully once in a lifetime event so, understandably, you want it to be an affair to remember for life time. The most important thing is that you and your betrothed enjoy the experience. But you also probably want to impress your guests and relatives and also make sure they have fun. Everybody wants their own wedding to be the best of all in the world. There are a number of things you should take into account in order to ensure that your wedding is both memorable and heaps of fun.

Before the wedding day itself you will probably take part in a few celebrations in the form of a stag night or hen night. Now these will not be organised by you but still you want to hope for is that your last day as a bachelor or bachelorette is a good one. These nights have a tendency to get quite out of control, and while you will want to completely let loose it’s no fun if you’re spending the whole night looking after your friend who has passed out somewhere after having a bit too much to drink. The important thing is to just have a great time with your nearest and dearest.


 When it comes to the big day make sure you have a location that suits both of your tastes. Many churches require you to be an active participant of the faith they represent but many people choose other, equally elegant locations in which to hold their ceremonies. Online directories such as Beyond Bespoke offer a range of luxurious and picturesque wedding venues. Try and structure the proceedings so that your guests will be kept enthused and entertained throughout. For instance, keep the marriage ceremony itself under half an hour so that your guests don’t feel like they’re attending a mass. Remember that, while it may be your special day, the chances are your guests will have attended a fair few weddings in the past months and will be starting to appreciate the ceremony a bit less than the open bar and free food that follows. People are only likely to enjoy a reception if they are seated next to people they get on with, and thus planning the right seating arrangements is an imperative step.

You will want to stock your reception with copious amounts of good food and, yes of course, an open bar since only the staunchest of teetotallers will refuse to get drunk at a wedding. If all else fails, an accomplished wedding band will be guaranteed to inject some life into proceedings, particularly if they play the kind of songs that people love to get down to. After your guests’ appetites are sated and you drive off into the sunset (or sunrise) with your spouse, the only thing left to do will be to embark on a romantic honeymoon of your choosing.



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