How To Keep Your Bridesmaids Looking Beautiful

by aiowedding on February 20, 2014

You have chosen your bridesmaids because they have been with you for years. While it is important that you look the most beautiful on your special day, you should also want your bridesmaids looking great for the pictures and the entire day. Fitting everything together so that it goes off without a hitch is sometimes difficult. If you have chosen an out of town location then it is even more important to do your research well. There are three things of high importance when it comes to your wedding and your bridesmaids remaining beautiful for the entire day: hair, makeup and their dresses.


For hair and makeup you have two options. You can find a salon that has enough staff to handle each of your hair and makeup or you can request an artist to come to your wedding venue that may have one or two staff members to help you. Hiring someone to help you onsite can be expensive, but at least there is someone there to conduct final touches as you are getting dressed.

Letting your bridesmaids do their own makeup is acceptable, but it is truly better to have a professional handle even this aspect. In this way you know the choices made are professional and best for your special team of bridesmaids.

Hair and makeup are just the trappings to making your bridesmaids looking beautiful on your special day. It is the bridesmaid dresses that matter most. Choosing the same style for each of your bridesmaids is not the best. Everyone has their own body type. Rather than going with the same style consider choosing a colour and finding three to five dresses in that colour. In this way everyone can choose what they like the best and what looks best on them.

When choosing the colour of the dress, consider everyone in your party. Not everyone is going to look great in teal, yellow, or pink. For one person they could be washed out and looking horrible the entire day. Another person might look stunning. When you are in doubt of the colour working allow your bridesmaids to try on a couple of different colours even if they are living in separate areas.

You may find a deep purple works for everyone or you may have to go with black to ensure that everyone looks great.

Consider also allowing for height differences in the styles you choose for your bridesmaid dresses. For example someone who is under five foot five inches is most likely going to look better in a shorter dress than one that trails about their ankles.

By playing to the strengths of your bridesmaids in terms of looks you not only keep them happy but looking great for your wedding photos. Certainly, wearing the same dress in colour, style, and length looks uniform, but it might not make your wedding party look great in photos.

As you consider the style of dress also consider some accessories you can add to the look. Is there a bolero jacket? Are pearls the best jewellery accessory? These little additions will help your wedding party remain looking beautiful throughout the day. For photo times also give time for your party to freshen up their makeup, especially if it has been a long day and it is heading into night. Follow this link to discover more.

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