Make Your Wedding Plans Easier With a Friday or Sunday Booking

by aiowedding on January 17, 2015

wedding-bottom-rowFor big occasions like weddings, some people think they need to fall in line with established event planning rules. The truth of the matter, though, is that weddings are not about following etiquette. They are about sharing a sacred, once-in-a-lifetime moment with those you love. In fact, by deviating from the standard path, you can actually reduce the stress and costs associated with planning the event. Having a Friday or Sunday wedding is one of the best examples of this, as it affords the following benefits.

  1. You Can Secure a Great Venue

Saturday weddings, especially in the popular months of June or October, are notoriously difficult to book because there is so much competition for venues; many locations have these slots filled more than a year in advance. This can make things tough for couples who have shorter timeframes within which to plan their weddings. By going for a Friday or Sunday wedding, you will automatically have more options in both venues and dates.

  1. Off-Day Weddings Can Reduce Costs

You and your guests can also enjoy a number of economic benefits from booking your wedding on an off day . For one thing, as you will not be competing for the most in-demand dates, you will likely have increased bargaining power. This can result in more advantageous rates for the location, as well as discounts on food, drinks and other services. Scheduling a Friday or Sunday wedding can also be cheaper for guests who need to fly in, as plane fares are generally more affordable on weekdays.

  1. Increased Access to Professional Services

From caterers to hairstylists, you will probably need to rely on a lot of professional services on your big day. Like wedding venues, these services can not only be pricey, but also difficult to book on popular dates. Scheduling your wedding for a Friday or Sunday means that you will be up against less competition for hiring these professionals. This often results in a better selection of professionals to choose from, possibly even at discounted prices.

  1. Spend More Time With Friends and Family

One wedding trend that is gaining popularity is using the days surrounding the event to spend time with friends and family. If this sounds interesting to you, planning for a Friday or Sunday wedding can be very beneficial, as they can afford you more time to relax with your loved ones before or after your big day. If, for example, you would like to spend time with your family after the stress of the main event is over, a Friday wedding allows you the whole weekend to do so. Or, if you would rather do this on the days leading up to your nuptials, you can use the Saturday prior to your Sunday wedding.

There are many benefits to scheduling an off-day wedding. By planning for a Friday or Sunday instead of a Saturday, you can expand your options for venues and professional services, while often enjoying a discounted price as well. It can also afford you opportunities to plan additional events with your friends and family in the days before and after the event. Because of this, making the choice for an off-day wedding can be a great option.

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