Making Loved Ones Part of Your Special Day

by aiowedding on September 12, 2014

Making Loved Ones Part of Your Special Day

Many couples would naturally want to make their loved ones part of their wedding day, and show their thoughtfulness in various ways. Grooms help relatives find accommodations and brides personally select jewelry for bridesmaids. However, there are circumstances when many friends, relatives, and loved ones cannot be present during the ceremony, and there are also times when as much as you’d like to include everyone as part of the entourage, it simply isn’t possible. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are some tips to help you make your loved ones part of your special day in many ways!

For loved ones who cannot attend your wedding

If you have a family member who cannot attend your special day because of distance, age, or health concerns, you can still make them part of the ceremony through the use of technology. You can use videoconferencing programs and apps such as Facetime and Skype. You can designate a guest to set up a smartphone or webcam in a place where your loved one can watch the ceremony as it happens.


You can also visit them personally days or weeks after your big day wearing your wedding dress and suit, and bring along wedding souvenirs to give to your loved one. Another way to involve loved ones from far away in your wedding is to ask them to write letters that can be read during the ceremony, or record themselves in video or audio giving their message.


For friends who cannot be part of the entourage

If you have too many groomsmen and bridesmaids already but would still like to make your friends part of your special day, here’s what you can do:

  • Ask friends who are into crafting to help you in making your DIY souvenirs or personalized accessories for the wedding party
  • Friends who excel in photography can take photos of the guests when the professional photographer you hired is busy taking photos of you
  • Friends who are musically-gifted can perform your wedding march, or play some tunes during the reception
  • Friends can also be asked to become honor attendants, who can greet and help guests to their seats when they arrive at the wedding venue. They can also hand out programs and souvenirs, and have everyone sign your guest book
  • Friends who are good at planning can help you with the logistics, such as helping guests arrive at the venue, coordinating with suppliers, and making sure the entourage arrives at the wedding venue on time.
  • The host for the reception can be a friend who knows you, your spouse, and most of your guests well, to make the party more intimate.


For other friends, relatives, and wedding guests

Make your guests take part in your special day by asking them to send their wishes, advice, and thoughts before the ceremony takes place. The special messages can be read during the ceremony or posted on a wall during the reception. This way, your guests will feel honored to be included, and would also make your wedding day a special one for them.

Make your loved ones part of your big day by doing these tips and they will surely feel special as well!

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