Marriage Laws in Australia

by aiowedding on October 23, 2014

In Australia, marrying is a modest thing. It is open for any person who is legally eligible according to the Australian law. A number of issues determine the eligibility of marriage; one must be above the age of 18 and need not have any blood or legal relation with the spouse –to be.

Many people from Australia and other countries embrace Melbourne for their marriage. The procedure is uncomplicated, and the Melbourne celebrants are always delightful and ready to take you through it. The paramount step is to complete the notification of the planned marriage (NOIM). This is a government-issued certified form, and it is found with any Melbourne marriage celebrants. The NOIM is filled by the parties marrying as well as by their witnesses. The wife-to-be and the groom must provide a proof of their date of birth, place of birth and the supporting documents for the same. In case the essential documents are not available, they must file a statutory declaration to that effect.

The validity of the notification lasts for another 18 months to give time for planning that wonderful day. The one-month period can be ignored on special occasions. The reasons why one would wish to waive the one month can be deliberated on with your marriage celebrants in Melbourne.

Amongst all requirements of matrimony in Australia, three legal statements must be uttered during a marriage to make it lawful. The theme and colorfulness of the wedding ceremony are left upon the parties getting married to decide and determine. However, the following three statements must be uttered by either of the party getting married:

  1. One must mention the full names – The bride and the groom must say their name. The names may be said either by the celebrant or included in the legal declaration which is obligatory
  2. The legal declaration – both the bride and the groom ought to include various statements in turn as they exchange the vows. The two, in the presence of people as witnesses, are required to take each other as their lawfully another half
  3. The Monitum – The celebrant is under an obligation to state their names and declare his or her legal authority to officiate the marriage as per the law and remind the couples the nature of the nature of the association they are just about to get into

A wedding day is supposed to be part of the gift to the bride and is supposed to remain memorable and distinctive to the couples for the rest of their lives. Proper planning is imperative and ensures that the wedding is wonderful and colourful as the couple would wish for. Look for the best bridal celebrant around Melbourne, a celebrant who will assist your dream wedding come to fruition. Amanda Pattie has accredited herself among all the civil marriage celebrants within Melbourne. She is a professional who cares about love. You can visit her website meant to provide additional information on her services.

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