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by aiowedding on October 23, 2014

Beating the Odds: Finding the Right One

The United States is going through a significant shift in demographics. As the Baby Boomers gain a lot of media attention, a host of younger Americans are changing the way Americans meet each other, date, and establish relationships. With more than 54 million singles in the country, many of them are searching for the right way to meet their right one.

The Social Side of Social Media

Today, just over 10 percent of all singles use dating services, with an increasing number of young professionals preferring to choose a personal matchmaking service. Online daters say that common interests are the most important factor in their choice of potential partners, with more than 64 percent of the total of all responses. On the other hand, at least 49 percent base their level of interest on the physical characteristics they find on websites.

Most modern matchmaking services use a combination of science, intuition, and time-proven methods to help individuals find potential relationships. As career-oriented individuals find less and less time for casual encounters and random meetings, they place a premium on making the process as efficient as possible.

While formal matchmaking has been a tradition for centuries, it has not been a mainstream American activity until the past few decades. For most of history, most efforts in western countries to find a mate were initiated by wealthy males. However, according to the Matchmaking Institute, women make up more than 60 percent of all those who start the matchmaking process.

Some of the key factors matchmakers use to compile an initial assessment of their clients include:

• Hobbies and interest
• Personal morals and values
• Family background
• Educational background
• Career interests
• Relationship goals

In addition to seeking the right potential match for their clients, many matchmakers will help with various areas of personal development. Clients may take classes on how to initiate and carry conversations, how to identify certain negative personal characteristics, and even how to enhance a wardrobe or personal appearance.

Perhaps one of the most important roles a matchmaker can play is helping clients and potential matches work through the initial dating. Having a third-party help with communications is often a key to getting past initial issues that might pop up.

In the final analysis, many people choose the personal approach to finding relationships for a number of reasons, including confidentiality, controlled screening, and more refined searches with a professional touch. Whatever your choice, you have many more viable ways to meet your special someone than ever before.

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