Plan the best blossoms for your wedding

by aiowedding on May 23, 2014

That special day calls for a gorgeous, soft, satin fragrant air all around. Marriages are incomplete without flowers. Starting with their prime usage in the bride’s bouquet, winding through the pretty bride’s maid’s bouquets, till the appropriate decoration material for theme weddings, flowers have simply no alternative when it comes to weddings.

Plan the best blossoms for your wedding

Naturally, marriage flowers are expensive affair. This is a basic problem in theme weddings, where marriage budget is always a concern at the back of the head. Considering this concern, here are few steps that would guide you into planning marvelous flower utilization at your wedding, without stepping out a dime of your budget.
The choice of buds and blooms:
White roses, lilacs and lilies are the all-time favorite when it comes to the bride’s bouquet. True, nothing reflects elegance as much as white does. But is it always elegance that we are looking for in marriages? Is it not about intimacy and joy? Monochromatic and jolly shades like violets and pinks are a contemporary favorite. And tied up into a bouquet of the right size, it simply adds to the charm of the wedding gown.
The wild variety:
When we are talking about flowers, we mean ornamentation. Wild flowers cut down on the cost factor, while still conferring a pretty feel to the atmosphere. Complemented with a twist of pearls and crystals, a wild variety bouquet looks stunning. Make sure to include lots of stalks and greens here and there.
The season blooms:
Seasons play a major role in determining the cost of flowers. Off season flowers, that have been flown in from a foreign location can add a rock to your pocket. A better choice is to go for locally grown blooms. They look equally lovely, stay fresh since the delivery time is largely reduced and bring down basic costs hugely. Local blooms appear more beautiful because they do not have to bear the after-effects of transport.
The bouquet size and shape:
When you are using long stalks and tube blooms, a long crescent shaped bouquet suits the style. Conventionally, the more flared the gown, the bigger the bouquet has to be. A more fitting style the gown is, the smaller the bouquet required. It should be a thumb rule to keep the style of bouquet , the same for the bride’s and bride’s maids.
Theme arrangement:
Theme weddings are trendy. Now-a-days, there are special wedding destinations, and there are wedding planners at those destinations. Planning a good flower arrangement for such destination weddings is a tricky task. There are various themes, a beach theme, a DJ theme, a royal theme, an aqua theme, there are innumerable of them. Each theme requires a different selection of flowers to bring spark to itself. It is best to talk to a local florist about what would suit the best.
Artificial flower arrangement:
Artificial flowers are well in demand now. They have many positives, apart from the fact that they would last really really long. They appear as good as the natural ones, often decisive in appearance. They are far less expensive than their natural versions. Many wedding planners now, swear by the efficiency of artificial flower arrangement.
The flowers that you choose for your wedding are completely your choice. There is nothing right or wrong about that choice. Equally true is the fact that flowers are beautiful, no matter where they have been grown and what color they are. So talk the right deal with your florist. If you are looking for lovely options for a tighter pocket, tell him. He might start looking out for the best options for you! Choose wisely and don’t focus on extravagance. Remember, less is more.
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