Planning Your Wedding Day With A Small Budget

by aiowedding on September 16, 2013

Weddings are unsurprisingly costly, especially large-scale ones. Knowing that your wedding is one of the most special occasions in your life, it’s only natural that you want it to be perfect and memorable. But what if you have a tight budget? Can you still have a wonderful wedding day? Certainly yes! With a frugal planning strategy, you can plan a beautiful wedding even on a shoestring budget.

The first step is to talk to your significant other and decide which aspects of a wedding are the most important ones to you. You need to set your priorities and discard unnecessary luxurious wedding elements.

Here are key tips to help you get the most out of your small budget.

Trim your guest list.

If you’re thinking twice about inviting a large number acquaintances and work associates, it’s best that you slash them out from your guest list. Your wedding is an intimate moment that you can share with the most important people in your life such as your immediate family and close friends. You will surely savour this meaningful celebration with those you care about the most.

Avoid using limousines.

Ask a friend or family member to drive you to your destination free of cost. You can also rent a car, this is a much cheaper alternative to a chauffeured vehicle.

Skip unnecessary expenses.

These include guest favours, save-the-date notices and other one-time used items. As an alternative to wedding favours, try baking delicious treats yourself for your guests.

Cut costs on flowers.

Flowers can easily increase your wedding costs by thousands so to save on flower expenditures, order in-season blooms only. Choose loose stems and do the arrangements on your own or if you have friends who are bouquet experts, ask for their assistance. Ordering online is also usually cheaper compared to buying from traditional florists. Additionally, go for elegant stems instead of lavish bouquets. You can also decorate your tables with cheap, less conventional centrepieces like wrought iron-design candelabras. Find more affordable decorations that complement your wedding theme.

Have a playlist wedding.

Do you have an iPhone or iPod? You can conveniently use these mobile devices as your source of wedding music instead of hiring a live DJ. Playlist weddings have become quite popular among couples because they allow you to choose the exact type of music you want to hear on your big day. You can create playlists for every segment of your wedding, from the pre-ceremony to cocktail hour to dancing moments. You can even ask a friend to act as the MC for announcements and such.

Avoid having a dinner party.

If possible, don’t choose a dinner party because it’s the most expensive type of reception. Instead of a full dinner, go for brunch, dessert and champagne, or cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Choose your wedding dress carefully.

Every woman dreams of her wedding dress even years ahead of her wedding day. Knowing that bridal salons charge astronomical prices for wedding gowns, consider alternative choices like second-hand stores and online boutiques. You’ll find gorgeous dresses at a fraction of the price. Also, try asking your mother, aunt or other close relatives if they can lend you their old wedding gown. With a few alterations and decorative touches, you can certainly create your ideal wedding dress.

Planning a wedding is a challenge that you can take on when done hand in hand with your partner. Make sure to keep a record of your priorities and divide your budget adequately. With frugal planning and a bit of creativity and imagination, you can definitely have a beautiful wedding even on a small budget. Plan your wedding your way!

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