Popular Wedding Favors

by aiowedding on August 21, 2013

Brides and grooms around the world are thanking their guest with small gift items called wedding favors. The wedding favor can be almost anything that shows appreciation. Some wedding favors are homemade, but most brides buy their favors from professionals. The most important aspect of the wedding favors is that it shows that you care. With favors you let people know that their presence is important and appreciated.

Popular Wedding Favors

There are many different kind of wedding favors. Here are some of the most important categories.

Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalization adds that special personal touch so many brides and grooms seek. The most important personalized wedding favors are personalized chocolate bars. The custom wrapped chocolates enable to the bride and groom to have their names and date printed on the wrapper. Some companies even print a special message like “Thank you for sharing our special day!” on the back. Certainly, almost any wedding favor can be personalized but personalized candy is the most important of all.

Flower Seeds

Flower seeds are becoming more and more popular wedding favors. There are too many creative options to present flower seeds as favors to mention, but printed flower seed bags are among the most popular. Some companies even offer printing messages such as “I Love You!” on plantable beans. Flower seed wedding favors are popular with guests because once planted, they are a constant reminder of your wedding day.

Soaps and Beauty Favors

Rose soap petals are beautiful and also functional wedding favors. There is a company that offers a personalized champagne shape bottle filled with bath gel. Soaps and beauty wedding favors are great to be placed in the hotel rooms of your out of town guests. A heart shape manicure set or compact mirror is sure to be a hit with your guest.

Candle Wedding Favors

Both men and women can enjoy candle wedding favors. Candles come in all shapes, colors, and themes. There are candles in the shape of wedding cakes. Rose shape candles are a sure hit with flower lovers. Seashell gel candles are the perfect wedding favor for the beach theme or destination wedding.

Chrome and Metal Favors

Chrome wedding favors ad a touch of elegance to any wedding. A chrome wine stopper or bottle opener is a great way to ad a touch of elegance to your wedding. The chrome wedding favors may be a bit more expensive, but your guest will cherish them for a long time.

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