Qualities a Wedding Planner Must Have

by aiowedding on July 22, 2015

The eternal trend in the Middle East is to go all out and fancy, which is why some of the most extravagant weddings the world has ever seen were held here. These weddings will not be possible if couples didn’t go with a highly experienced wedding planner in Jordan, Dubai, Riyadh, etc. When the tension’s high and members of the entourage, along with the couple, are either giddy, nervous, or even drunk in some cases, the wedding planner is like the super glue that holds the event together so that the event will proceed smoothly, as planned.

If you’re looking for an excellent wedding planner to hire in Jordan, here are the most important qualities you should make sure they have.

Thoughtful and encouraging – Watch the film “The Wedding Planner” with Jennifer Lopez; her character, Mary Fiore, was the epitome of these combined qualities. She was the source of strategic compliments to provide brides the confidence they need during times of uncertainty. You definitely want a wedding planner who is dedicated to providing you the assurance you need on your big day, and who is also incredibly committed to your specified needs and wants for your wedding.

Creative – This is a must because you want a wedding planner who can easily come up with great solutions for sticky situations, in a way that nobody outside of the inner circle will even know that something’s wrong. Likewise, if you’re running low on ideas on how to make your wedding even more special, a creative wedding planner will certainly be a trove of information and inspiration.

Calm and collected – When everybody’s pacing about or just a bunch of knotted nerves, it always helps to have someone coordinating everything and assuring everyone that there’s nothing to absolutely worry about.

Thoroughly organized – No detail out of place is missed and not taken care of right away. The best wedding planners have an organized collection of tools to ensure that no matter what happens, things can be put back in order easily.

“Connected” – Your wedding planner should be someone who can easily reach other people and services that can help you pull off your dream wedding. This pertains to everyone from florists to limo drivers, to stylists, and so much more.

Diplomatic yet authoritative – Weddings can bring both the good and awful out of people, and a highly experienced wedding planner has a well-rounded communication skills set to handle difficult personalities and situations. You may be inclined to think that everybody will do their best not to trouble the couple about anything on their special day, but just in case someone proves to be a disruption or distraction, it’s great to have someone who can deal with them effectively.

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