Questions You Must Need to Ask Your Wedding Caterers

by aiowedding on July 21, 2017

Searching for a catering company is an overwhelming task. There are so many things to consider ensuring that you have found one that meets all your requirements. While there are numerous catering companies in the market, not every company is able to serve your choicest requirements most of the time. Hence, you need to be cautious to choose the one who follows through all your requests and make a special event like wedding well served.

But, how to decide which catering company will be the best for you? Indeed, there is too much to consider while making this critical decision. Before you finalize any caterer for the event, here are some questions to ask the them to find out if they are the people you are looking for:

Questions You Must Need to Ask Your Wedding Caterers

What unique do they offer?

There are numerous catering companies in the market that showcase themselves as the best. One parameter that helps you in deciding the best caterer for your event is, “uniqueness.” You must ask the wedding caterer about their specialty and what makes them different from the others in the market. Do they have any special plans for your wedding menu or food serving style? Basically, the idea is to find out one innovative caterer that do not offer you  plain menu and boring dining options, but a dynamic alternatives with a wide variety of food choice.

How they rate their quality of food?

Food is the most essential part of a wedding celebration. The feast after the marriage is meant to be special for the bride & groom as well as the family & guests. It is imperative that the caterer offers you the food that is best in quality & taste. While most of the catering companies boast about their quality of food, they actually serve the food items below the standard requirements and use average ingredients in order to offer a cost-effective menu plan. The caterer you choose must offer you some free samples for tasting along with the assurance that the food served will be of similar quality.

Questions You Must Need to Ask Your Wedding Caterers

What experience do they hold?

You must choose a catering company that has experience in catering for the type of events you have in mind. For example, if you want a countryside wedding with lots of barbecue and booze in the menu, you need a caterer that can make the best arrangements for this. If the caterer is unable to handle your requirements, the entire reception plan will turn out to be a flop show.

Does the Catering Company have a valid Liquor Liability Insurance?

If you are planning to serve alcohol at your reception, it becomes crucial that the catering company has a valid Liquor Liability Insurance. While most catering companies procure this insurance as a must, there are a few that don’t. Hiring one of these companies without the insurance might force you to take alcohol out of your menu until and unless you are ready to pay for the damages in case anything goes wrong.

Ask for the references?

If you are wondering why references, it is probably the most honest way to find out many things about the caterer that the catering companies might not tell you otherwise. A person that has availed the services of the caterer would give you honest reviews of customer services and their experience with the caterer. Talking to at least two references is enough to know your caterer better.

Asking these questions will help you to pick the best caterer for your wedding reception. You can also give them an overview of the ideas in your mind to make your dream of a perfect wedding come true in the best possible way.


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