Ruling Wedding Photography Trends to Watch Out in 2015

by aiowedding on May 21, 2015

The concept of wedding photography has witnessed significant transitions in the past few decades. There was a time when it was all about routine posing in front of the camera, but with today’s high resolution cameras and smart equipments wedding photography has become more candid and expressive.

Wedding Photography is a distinctive concept that is highly dynamic. Since, creativity has no limits, professional wedding photographers like experimenting with every project undertaken. While sometimes the outcome might not be satisfactory but in most of the cases the results are outstanding. The following are some of the ruling wedding photography trends which are a result of the experiments involved by the top notch photographers in the industry.

Ruling Wedding Photography Trends to Watch Out in 2015

  • Mild Toned B&W Illustrations

This is a contemporary wedding photography style which is actually a fusion of the conventionalist and modern approaches. This specific approach requires mild toning and tinting of the black and white photographs. The required effect can be easily achieved by using the sepia tone during the post project edit; however, professional photographers always look forward to add different tones and tints to create something distinctive. This style of photography actually works great with outdoor shoots with beautiful landscape at the background.

  • Candid Posing

Although candid style photography is ruling the wedding photography for quite some time now, the majority of professional photographers are trying to infuse some variations in it. The subjects of this photograph has to involve a certain level of acting to bring out the real essence of candid posing and this is what sets this style apart from all the others. The best way to capture candid photographs is to create the scene before hand and later focus on making the subjects act according to the plan.

Ruling Wedding Photography Trends to Watch Out in 2015

  • Use of Bold Colours

Rather than just using sepia tone or simple black and white, the majority of contemporary photographers are focusing on capturing the bold colours present in the entire event. This not only helps in creating a different appeal altogether, but it also adds a splash of freshness to the entire album. Red, yellow and orange colours go great with grey, blue or white back grounds and the professional photographers generally focus on capturing the photos of the venue all together. In such circumstances, selecting a colourful wedding theme proves to be sensible.

  • Photo Booth

Photo Booth is a raging trend in wedding photography that actually infuses high level of fun and excitement within the entire wedding album. Capturing photographs of this genre is basically considered to be pretty easy. The photographer just needs to engage the guests in some fun activities or games and go on clicking random pictures.

Apart from these, there are several other trends like vintage photography and celebrity style photography which are equally popular, as well. A professional wedding photographer in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world will definitely involve these styles to provide a distinctive wedding album to the couple.

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