Should I send emails instead of wedding invitations?

by aiowedding on March 19, 2014

Email wedding invitations are essentially free, do not require postage and wipe out wastage of paper. With the advancement of the internet, you can easily contact your loved ones through email. Currently, more and more individuals are creating ways to get the ultimate items for the big day. It’s quite a difficult decision on whether to send out emails instead of wedding invitations.
Let’s have a look at both the methods one by one.

Should I send emails instead of wedding invitations?

Email wedding invitations
Some important features of email wedding invitations are as follows:

· Saves Money
This is perhaps the most important factor of using email invitations. Such invitations will cost you a dime. On the other hand, preparing physical wedding cards may require a few hundred dollars. You can also hire a professional designer for designing the layout of the email invitations, which will undoubtedly be an additional expense. However, it’ll not burn a hole in your pocket.

· Saves Time
An email invitation will save you a lot of time as well as the time of your respected guests. You’ll have to visit various shops while preparing wedding cards which can eat a lot of time. Sending out emails will require you to sit in front of the computer from the comforts of your home or office and will not take up much time.
It’s advantageous for your guests too since they don’t have to visit the post office to reply to your wedding invitation. Moreover, if your guests are always online, they’ll find it easy to respond immediately.

· Wrong email address
If you post something at the wrong address, the postmaster can return it to you directly. However, sending an email at the wrong address will keep you in the dark on whether your guest received the invitation or not.

Wedding cards
Some features of wedding cards are as follows:
· More formal
Sending out a wedding invitation card looks more formal. It can also set the theme and tone of the occasion. On the contrary, an email wedding invitation looks extremely informal.

· Impressing your guests
A wedding invitation card can wow your guests. A fancy invitation besides notifying your guests about the big day, sets the wedding tone. Invitations are an opportunity to make the right impression on your guests about what they can expect from the wedding. Make an inferior choice and their expectations will fall low.

· Paper invitations do not require tech knowledge
With a card, there is no map to be downloaded, no RSVP to be sent and no website to be visited for details. This is absolutely advantageous for guests who may not have the required tech knowledge or time which are required by email wedding invitations.

· Harmful to the environment
Paper can be detrimental to the environment since paper production has been ranked highly polluting from all manufacturing industries. The primary inputs into the process of making paper are chemicals, energy, water and fiber. The impact of paper on the environment continues even after it’s thrown off.

As you can find out, sending a wedding invitation via email or printed cards has their own sets of benefits and demerits. What truly matters is the genuine opinion of the perspective bride and groom. It’s also a good idea to take the suggestions of senior members in the family.

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