Set an Elegant Tone for Your Big Day with Your Wedding Music

by aiowedding on March 11, 2014

The tone of your wedding is going to be set with the music that you provide for your family, friends, and guests who come to share your special day. Throughout your wedding you’ll have different types of music performed for the events that are taking place. Keep in mind that what is right for your reception may not be as moving or as inspirational for the ceremony itself. The feeling that music will create throughout the day will make a lasting impression on both you and your guests. Choosing the right music is an important part of planning for your wedding day.

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As Guests Arrive

Everyone loves a wedding; for many people hearing the music that is provided as they enter the location of your wedding takes them back to their own day of commitment to the special someone that they love. You’ll want to feature songs that are sentimental, memorable, and timely as it relates to love and spending your life with a special someone. During this time of your wedding day, you’ll want to touch the hearts of your guests and prepare them for the solemn vows that you are about to make. One of the most touching instruments that you can use during this time and extend it on into the ceremony is a harp. The elegant sound of the strings elicits emotion from those who have come to witness your love and new life together.

The Ceremony

Your music selections for the ceremony may also be performed by soloists and those who are close and very special to you. Music should begin as you walk down the aisle and end at your arrival at the front of the venue. You can select special pieces of music to be sung as the ceremony proceeds; again, the harp will present a solemn and moving tribute to your love and commitment. As you retire from the front of the church or location where you are being wed, you should have an energetic piece that is symbolic of your new life together.

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The Reception

Your reception is almost an entirely different event which will need an upbeat tempo to which your guests can dance and enjoy themselves. You’ll want to provide your band with a list of songs that you enjoy from their playlist so that you and your guests can dance the evening away. Let your guests make requests ahead of time so that your band will be ready to play the tune that is being requested. It’s also a good idea to make a list of songs that you don’t like and would prefer to not be played at your reception.

If you use an entertainment agency, you can find wedding harpists who can help to set the initial tone of your wedding; having a professional who is skilled and experienced in working at weddings is a must. It’s important that you preview their work to see if it is pleasing to you and meets your needs for music as your guests arrive.

From the wedding harpists that perform at your wedding to the band that you hire for your reception, make sure they can meet your expectations for exceptional wedding music.

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