Stone Work Sarees: Are They Right One for Your Wedding?

by aiowedding on May 21, 2015

The wedding day is considered to be the most special day for every woman. Every girl wants to look the best on this auspicious day. The wedding sarees can play a great role in enhancing the appearance of the bride on that day. For various tips regarding the selection of your sarees, you can log on to Here are some important things that you should consider while selecting your wedding saree:

Stone Work Sarees: Are They Right One for Your Wedding?


Plan Ahead: Planning is a very important part and you should plan for the wedding day well beforehand. At least 2-3 months are required for selecting the best saree which you will wear on the most special day of your life. You should browse through the current trends and start shortening the list according to your preferences.

Budget: Budget is very important as you are planning the finances for the big event like marriage. You should fix a budget according to your financial status and preference before selecting the bridal saree.


Color: The color of the saree should be chosen depending on the complexion of the bride. The pink and the red colored sarees are very common during the wedding ceremonies. The bright colored sarees will definitely go well if you possess a fair complexion. If you have a darker complexion or a bulky figure, you may opt for the dark shades. It will definitely help you to look slimmer and fairer. Your jewelry should be a perfect match with the color of the saree. The color should not overshadow the beauty of the jewelry as they also hold their own significance. You can check out the Bawree’s resham work saree here.

Design: The design of the bridal saree depends on the personal preferences. The heavier the designs are the bride will feel more uncomfortable. Heavy works and embroideries can provide you with a gorgeous look but they are not suitable to carry for longer periods of time. The brides with dark complexions should not select heavy works or embroideries in the sarees.

Fabric: Fabric is a very important part when you choose your wedding saree. The selection of the fabric may provide an appearance of bulky or slim. Silk should be your first choice when you are selecting your wedding saree. As long ritual hours are required in your wedding, you should keep comfort as your priority while doing the selection. If the silk fabric is expensive for you, you can definitely go for chiffon or brocade sarees.

Window Shopping: When you have already decided your preferences, you can go for the window shopping. You can take some of your friends or family members with you for providing a company or to play the role of the guide. You can visit few shops to understand the fashion trends and what they are offering. You can also compare the prices of various shops for selecting your sarees at the best rate.

Blouse with Saree: If you have already decided the saree, you should go for the matching blouse or the blouses with contrasting colors. Make sure that the color of the blouse does not overshadow your saree or the jewelry. Your final product will not be completed without a proper blouse of your choice.

If you want a customized saree on your wedding day, you can go ahead with a well known designer and can specify all your requirements. The designer can also recommend you with the right color, fabric and the design of the saree according to your complexion. If you cannot afford the designer sarees, go ahead with the shops which are specifically offering the bridal sarees.

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