The Only Beauty Advice You Need for 2017 – Don’t Just Change Anything, But Everything!

by aiowedding on March 4, 2017

The only way to let good things actually happen, is to let good things be your objective! You must have already gone through a number of wellness advices and resolutions for this year. But there’s nothing to resolve! Let the year toss in some beauty revolutions on your way, instead of resolutions – it’s more exciting!

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And what about beauty?

Beauty is an absolute power! This word alone connotes self-actualization, optimism, and happiness. Simply anything positive is beauty. It is significantly valuable for all the ladies taking center of attention on stage, and equally important for those who want to see their own beauty.

Beauty isn’t about looking one certain way, it’s mutable. Sometimes it’s a fickle concept and sometimes just fluid. Beauty is best represented when it’s unabashedly worn and fully owned, just like a glittering brooch or a t-shirt with favorite caption.

But, when there’s enough uncertainty out there, then why apply it on yourself when you have the ability to take a start from a top notch place?

Let’s try making it even simpler; beauty is simply about connecting to yourself and letting your inner self out. Makeup does that too, right? On a specific occasion, you set sometime to get ready to become yourself – or at least you become the version you want to be for that specific time. There can be a lot of perspectives about beauty, and the internet will serve all the purposes to tell you ‘how to beauty’.

Today, just remember that, if you’re looking for chaos, you will easily achieve chaos! The conventional makeup and beauty products you use in routine have more than just simple chemicals to do spoil your beauty! So, if you really want your beauty to get enhanced and stay the same, then here’s what you need to do – change everything about that makeup stack of yours – get all natural organic makeup!

The Change – Organic Beauty Products

It’s time to shed some light on the reasons to use natural and organic cosmetics – the actual deal in bringing this change:

Most of Conventional Beauty Products Contain Harmful Chemicals

If beauty is about bringing the best out or simply just enhancing the existing beauty, then applying chemicals will not fulfill the purpose? Here are the toxic chemicals that are in your routine beauty and skincare products (Major ones found in nailpolish, lipstick, skin creams):

  • Lead – Found in makeup, lipstick, toothpaste. Causes reproductive dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, neurotoxicity, gastrointestinal issues, and seizures.
  • Formaldehyde – Mostly found in some shampoos, liquid soaps, and hair care products. Prolonged absorption through the skin can develop cancer.
  • Pthlatates – Found in perfumes, body sprays, nail polish, soaps, and detergents and more. Disrupts hormones and decreases sperm count.
  • Parabens – Found in makeup, skincare products, conditioners, and shampoos. Causes disruption of hormone and causes cancer.
  • Nitrosamines – Found in almost everything. Causes cancer.
  • Fragrance – Found in almost everything. A fragrance in actual is also known as ‘Parfum’ but is classified as a trade secret.

Pure Organic Products Are Rich in Nutrients

Most of commercial cosmetic companies contain only a fractional amount of nutritional ingredients. So instead of boosting health of skin, hair, and nails the chemicals only mask the issue. Natural beauty products, on the other hand, are rich in nutrients and vitamins. The nourishing serums are a great way of benefiting from these organic products.

Organic is Value for Money

A huge misconception surrounds the natural makeup industry that the organic mineral makeup is more expensive than the routine mainstream brands. That’s not true! Or say yes, its way more expensive if you like spending on health more than dirt. Consider this; junk food is way cheaper then organic food, but is it worth?

So Why Use Organic Skincare?

It should be quiet obvious by now that, organic products, whether beauty, skincare, or essential oils, organic products are cheap, healthier, and only include ingredients that will nourish the skin and body. Some people however argue that, a number of ingredients in mainstream cosmetics are not harmful. This is true, but you cannot overlook the fact of adding layers, and when certain chemicals mix together, they form nitrosamines. You skin is your largest organ, so why not give the best when it deserves the best!

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