Tips And Tricks For Impossibly Sexy Boudoir Photography Poses

by aiowedding on June 13, 2015

All women are sexy. No matter the shape, the age — every womanly body is a body worth celebrating. What better way to celebrate your womanhood, your sensuality, than through boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography works for a number of reasons. Apart from boosting your confidence and capturing how you look now, you can use the photos from this fun and sexy session as a gift to your man. It is a gift he will definitely cherish.

Whether or not this is your first time to arrange a sultry photo shoot, use these tips and tricks for impossibly sexy boudoir photography poses.

Practise your performance.

Before you go to your boudoir session, try practising in front of the mirror. Try to get used to the idea of modelling in a sensuous way. This should allow you to gain the confidence you need to give it your all during the actual session.

You don’t have to look straight into the camera.

Not all of the time. With some poses, looking away or even closing your eyes would work for the image and the expression you want to convey. This creates an air of mystery and a distinct kind of sexiness that your man will never forget.

Use everyday clothing with sensual lingerie.

You can look stunningly sexy with your man’s shirt draped over you. An ordinary man’s shirt in white paired with silk or lace lingerie can create a seductive image. You can sit at the edge of an armchair, looking away or being in the act of putting on your stiletto shoes. This sort of pose also works well if you are looking to conceal a problem area, like flabby arms or a bulging tummy.

Hide a problem area with another body part.

Another way to conceal problem areas is to use your hand or arms. If your tummy is showing a bit too much as you sit, you could move your arm forward, keeping your back straight and your hips out to create a symmetrical shape.

Master the serpent pose.

It is perhaps one of the more frequently used boudoir poses because it is flattering and quite comfortable to do. The serpent can highlight your curves, emphasising the sultry length of your body.

Your boudoir photographer can take a wide angle shot, so you are seen entirely. The photographer can also just focus on the arch of your back and the curve of your hip. Talk to your photographer about the level of eroticism you want for the pose. And make sure you are lying on a firm bed; if it’s too soft, your body will sink and you will not have the symmetrical curves you want to see in your boudoir photos.

About the author:

Yonex Sterno is a photographer who loves to capture the beauty of nature along with the cherished moments happening in a person’s life. She is also an artist. She is fond of using her captured images as excellent designs to certain things like mugs, shirt and more. She is actually running her own art business which features personalized items. Yonex shares this resource for Boudoir photography poses.

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