Top 10 Most Expensive Places To Get Married In America

by aiowedding on December 20, 2016

Weddings are definitely one of the events to look forward to not only for engaged couples but for their loved ones as well. It is a time for friends and relatives of both parties to meet and celebrate together.

For couples who are soon to get married, the wedding preparation is something that makes the bond more meaningful but sometimes stressful as well because of the money needed for the preparation alone. It will also take up a lot of effort on both partners in preparing, planning and deciding on some details necessary for the event to be a successful and a joyful one.

Some of the things that you need to plan ahead are choosing the perfect date, venue for the wedding, food, wedding gown, photographer/videographer, wedding coordinators, wedding planner, makeup artist and many other details to make this once in a lifetime event perfect. All of these come with a hefty price and the cost increases each year especially with the wedding suppliers.

Weddings that include these things mean spending a lot of money especially during these times where prices are pretty high. What more if you wish for a majestic and luxurious one. If you have the money to spend why would you stop yourself from having one? Weddings create memories worth spending for anyway.

To give you an idea on how costly it is to have a grand wedding, take a moment to check the 10 costliest places to tie the knot in America with the amazing infographic we prepared.

See the graphic below and be mesmerized.


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