Unique Venues to Arrange a Special Wedding Ceremony

by aiowedding on June 13, 2015

Are you engaged and planning to get married pretty soon? Well, then you might be looking forward to make your wedding day the most memorable and special one. Do not leave everything on your wedding planner because they look more into their profits more and less towards your emotions. So, put your own efforts and make your wedding the most memorable one. Look for a perfect wedding destination, a place that can make your day the most special and romantic one. It should be unique and give you a comfortable space to you as well as your partner.

Wedding Ceremony

Here are some innovative wedding ideas that you can use to make that day the most memorable one:

On the beaches:

Set your wedding function on the beaches. Turquoise blue water, white sand beaches and plum trees can work as a great background for your wedding ceremony. Ask your wedding planner to set the stage in such a way that guests get the picturesque view of the raging waves and the white sandy beaches. Let your guests enjoy the tranquillity and serenity of nature.

Tree house:

Not a wedding, but more like a fairy-tale. If you are looking for a wedding venue that will make your wedding day a dreamy and a fairy-tale one, tree houses can be a great option. A tree house tucked amid a tranquil forest breaming with the utmost beauty of nature, is one of the most appropriate venue for your wedding if you really want it to be a dreamy one. The serenity and calmness of the forest will take the tale of your story to its zenith.


Wedding ceremony in garden might sound very simple, but most wedding planner consider gardens to be one of the most appropriate places for setting a wedding ceremony. Gardens can be decorated and designed in your own way. It also provides a much wider space than a five star hotel or a wedding hall. Apart from this, it also allows you to celebrate the day amidst nature.


Amongst all the above mentioned ideas, this is one of the most unique and popular one. Celebrate you wedding on a yacht. Tie the knots of lifetime with you partner on the breast of the ocean. Celebrating wedding with your friends, family and in a far off place on a yacht, what can be more adventurous and exciting than a wedding ceremony like this.

These are some of the most unique and excusive wedding ideas or venues that you can consider incorporating in your wedding plan. But before taking any decision consider asking or consulting with your wedding planner. But planning the day on a private yacht charter is possibly one of the best and most appropriate ideas.

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