Varieties of roses

by aiowedding on February 17, 2014

Be it wedding parties, birthday parties, Christmas parties or a Valentine’s Day, roses always play a special and vital role in every kind of events. It symbolizes love, friendship and wishes. So, people tend to buy roses in almost all the occasions. There are various types and colors of roses which people prefer to buy to decorate and/or to gift.  One of the popular categories of roses which people search for is the rainbow roses. This type of roses has artificially colored petals which are cultivated by exploiting the natural process by which, the roses draw water from the stems. This type of roses has a major disadvantage as the multicolor roses do not live as long as the uncolored roses.

Another type of uncommon rose which is very popular and have a high demand is the blue roses. This type of rose belongs to a special family of roses which has blue to violet pigmentation instead of the most common red, white or yellow pigmentation. This type of rose does not grow naturally. Researchers have used various genetic modifications to grow such roses which contain the blue pigment. This rose is often used as a symbolic representation as it symbolizes love and prosperity. But since it’s very rare to find, they also represent mystery or often a longing to attain something which is impossible.

There is also another type of roses, the garden roses which has become perhaps the most popular roses among the common men. These roses are generally the hybrids which are usually grown in various public parks or private places as ornamental plants. They are mainly used to beautify the places in which they are grown. They are cultivated in temperate climatic conditions as it suits the best from them to grow. There are various rose festivals in which this type of roses are shown to the spectators. Many cultivators earn their livelihood by cultivating these roses.

Due to the popularity of using roses in various occasions and for various purposes, the selling of flowers has become a very lucrative business. Since the recent past many companies have cropped up which sells different types of roses for different events. Flower Explosion LLC is one such company which provides flowers for various events. They have a wide variety of flowers and especially roses which they offer at an affordable cost to the customers. They offer their flowers in various colors, for various occasions as wholesale flowers and even as bouquets in a gift box or as simple bouquet of flowers.

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