Want To Make Your Wedding Day Memorable?

by aiowedding on April 18, 2014

All of us intend that our wedding day leaves unforgettable impression upon our friends, relatives and other people that attend the reception ceremony. Candidly, we have been dreaming about our wedding day and have also been preparing for the same. To make others impressed in a glamorous manner about our wedding, following tips can help us to stand differently in terms of unique arrangement, fun, food and other features that suffice to make our wedding day a piece of unmatched attraction.

  1. Advance planning – Planning for our wedding day in advance helps us a lot to have long lasting impact upon the participants. A reception coordinator and the DJ people are the persons that are helpful in making the wedding day a glamorous event. Select a prominent DJ service provider that will be there to entertain the guests. Ask him or her to select the lovable songs and other soft music that touches the hearts. Blacklisted music should be avoided. The reception coordinator will take note of all the tasks that are required to be accomplished for the wedding day. The timing for the first dance, cake cutting and lighting of candles etc should be scheduled in a feasible manner and the same are organized well by the experienced reception coordinator. Reliable friends and relatives can also help much in this regard as they can reach the venue in advance to ensure that everything goes well.
  1. Fun Play list – Lovable and apt music is the first choice of the guests. Many of them love the oldies while Conga or electric slides may prove somewhat cheesy. However, Cha Cha could be the preferred choice of the old people that too love fast music.  Same way, the youngsters should also be considered while asking for any music.

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  1. Unique table cards – Extraordinary table cards are much helpful in attracting the guests that feel pleased with the well designed ones. Use of the best song names instead of numbers are more heart touching for the tables while addition of poetry is another milestone to enchant the guests at the wedding reception. Numbering the tables with the playing cards is another good strategy to hypnotize the wedding participants most of whom love Hearts suit. Labelling the tables as the prominent places worth travelling is another way to impress the guests.
  1. Impressive photo sessions – Ordering for sparklers for the unique photo sessions for your guests is the best strategy to facilitate their memorable photographs instead of paying big dollars for a photographer. Your wedding album gets enriched with such photographs worth seeing in future.
  1. Open Bar – This unique arrangement will add much to your wedding reception that will be remembered for many years by all participants. Most of the people take wine at the auspicious occasions, particularly the wedding days. Dancing with the memorable tunes of good music and lovable songs after few pegs of good wine makes the guests to relish greatly at your wedding day reception. Open bar is a unique way to attract the friends, relatives and other people that come to congratulate you on your wedding day. It gives equal opportunity to the guests to have their fare share of alcohol according to his or her individual taste and capacity.
  1. Dances – It is recommended that you have a glance at YouTube to learn some basic steps of lovable dances as taking the dance lessons may not be feasible for you. Your participation in the dance with your would-be life partner is a matter of great pride for all guests and relatives. So, do not hesitate to mingle with them during the dance sessions at your wedding ceremony.
  1. Apt transportation – Hiring the suitable wedding car and other means of transportation counts much towards your wedding ceremony that must set an example for others. Your would-be spouse and you would be travelling in an attractive wedding car that must be hired from the prominent companies, e.g. Wedding cars London; famous for their reliable fleet of wedding cars.

To be candid, your can win your friends, relatives and others at your wedding day by taking the above steps that make your wedding reception an unforgettable event.

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