Ways to Have a Fun Stag Weekend with the Guys

by aiowedding on January 7, 2014

Boys will always be boys… Now, to have a fun stag weekend, make sure to include things that boys will always like. That should definitely include some sort of play too. For those who need more inspiration planning for that special weekend, here are some ideas to make sure that your friend gets a proper sendoff.
Choosing the right location is important. The idea of going abroad will certainly be tempting. However, remember, ideally, the party will be a lot more fun if all of the groom’s close friends and relatives can attend. To have the celebration in another country might limit the people that can actually attend.
The ideal location will certainly depend on certain factors. If the celebrant actually enjoys traveling, a particular location on his bucket list might be the perfect stag do destination. After all, the celebration should be something that the celebrant will enjoy. If traveling is his thing, let him have that.
If the celebrant does not have a particular location in mind. Choose one based on the activities that the group plans to enjoy. Different locations will certainly offer different activities for the group.
Stag Do Pranks
Boys do love to play pranks. That’s probably why a lot of party organizers tend to think that including some practical jokes into the mix might make the party a lot more fun. Though that may be true, more than enough stag do pranks have made it into the news and not all of them turned out to be funny.
Take that bit of news about a groom-to-be that passed away from alcohol poisoning during his stag do. Drinking the night away tends to be one of the most common stag do activities. Yet, for the unfortunate guy made to drink too much alcohol, the result can be fatal.
There was also that other incident that involved the kidnapping of the groom. The groom’s neighbors thought it was an actual kidnapping incident and they called the police. Having the police stop them midway from their destination was enough to dampen everyone’s partying mood.
So, if certain pranks are involved, just keep the celebrant and the group’s safety in mind. Lots of pranks can go awry and though it may seem funny for everyone else, the groom might not really enjoy being embarrassed and humiliated.
The group can choose to enjoy more relaxing activities like angling and games of golf if the groom isn’t really into more strenuous activities. Or, if the groom doesn’t really drink and won’t get to enjoy a more traditional party.
So long as everyone gets to have fun, the party is surely a success. Some of the more popular activities that stag groups enjoy include paintballing, go karting, zorbing, quading, and clay shooting. Naturally, if those activities do not appeal to the celebrant, other activities should be chosen.
For stags that enjoy the adrenaline rush associated with a lot of extreme sports, shark cage diving, bungee jumping, parasailing, and skydiving might be better choices. Just make sure to choose enough activities to keep everyone busy during that stag weekend. Also, make sure to choose activities that the celebrant and other group members will enjoy and enjoy a memorable stag weekend at that chosen location.

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