Wedding Day Limousine Rental Negotiation Tips

by aiowedding on September 23, 2014

When it comes to weddings, there are summer weddings and there are winter weddings. Of course, a nuptial ceremony is not as common in the winter, which means that you can often save on some of the miscellaneous costs, like catering services and party supplies. The only service that can be tough to save on is a limo service. Limos are in demand all year, so you really have to negotiate with a limo company to get the quote you are looking for. Negotiating on a wedding day limo requires a combination of patience, confidence, and savvy. Here are four wedding day limousine rental negotiation tips.

Bridge and Groom entering Limo

  1. Do your research and know exactly what you need. Before you call limo companies and start negotiating, you want to make sure that you know exactly what type of limo you need and for how many people. If you aren’t sure what size limo you need – or even what kind of limo you want to hire – it will be difficult for the limo company to come to a quote that you can start working with.

  2. Call around to get an ideal quote. It is also important to call many different limo companies. There is a good chance that if you don’t throw out a wide net, it will be difficult to get the best deal. Calling around can also give you the upper hand at the negotiating table. If one company gives you a quote, you can take that quote to another company and have them try to beat it. You can actually get a great deal by going this route.


  1. Offer a deposit to seal the deal and show that you mean business. You also want to show a limo company like Midway Limousine Service that you are serious and that you are ready to hire a limo. You can do this by offering a deposit from the onset. If you mention money, it will be enticing for the limo company, and they will be more inclined to give you a better deal. For the limo company, accepting a lower quote is better than having the customer walk away.

  2. Be courteous, respectful, and diplomatic. On top of everything, you also want to be incredibly courteous and respectful. If you aren’t nice to the limo company, they will be less inclined to negotiate – they may even hang up the phone. You don’t need to be overly nice, but you do want to be pleasant – you could even crack a few jokes. When it comes to getting the best deal on a limo, being nice is one of the strongest negotiating chips.


Lastly, a limo will be an essential part of your wedding plans. However, limos can often be expensive, especially if you are hiring more than one. This is exactly why you want to get into the right gear to start negotiating with various limo companies. In the end, you can either get them to bid against each other or you can get the company to bring down the quote – whatever you do, though, make sure to shake hands when you get the quote you want; you don’t want to walk away from a good deal.

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