Which wedding photographer is for you?

by aiowedding on December 6, 2013

Your wedding day is probably the most hectic and stressful time you will experience in your life. You need to plan everything from the décor down to the venue. The photographer is also going to be high up on that list, but which photographer is the one for you? These quick tips are sure to help with choosing the wedding photographer that is perfect for you.

What does a wedding photographer do?

Which wedding photographer is for you?For many, the wedding photographer is as important as the venue the wedding is held in. Photographers create the memories that last your life time, providing you with images that highlight the joys and emotions of your big day. It sounds easy to find a wedding photographer, but as its big business many photographer work differently and offer different packages and shoot with different styles.

What are the styles then?

The wedding styles falls under three categories which are reportage, traditional and contemporary. Each differ and offer completely different things regarding what they offer and how they approach each wedding. The most popular choice for modern brides is the reportage approach, giving you and the photographer complete freedom during your big day. Unlike the other styles, the photographer doesn’t intervene leaving you and your guests to enjoy the day and allowing the photographer to capture the real natural happiness.

What price package works best for you? 

As mentioned above, wedding photography is big business with many photographers offering different rates and packages. Depending on what your budget is there is normally the average price or the higher end prices. The average package offers you around 6 hours with the photographer and their assistant, along with a set of pictures selected by the photographer that you keep. This package can cost anywhere between £1000-£3000 depending on how popular and in demand the photographer is.

The higher end offers you everything you will need for your big day. Normally the photographer and their assistant provides complete coverage of your wedding. The package should also include a personalised photo album with all of the high quality images inside for you to keep. Some photographer offer a high quality disc that also contains all of the images from the big day.

Once that is sorted, meet your photographer!

It’s important for you to meet face to face with the photographer to see if you both get along and you feel like you can trust them. Remember, the wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life and trusting the photographer is essential. It also helps to meet as they can talk you through the whole process helping you feel more relaxed and comfortable that they will provide a top class service.

Hopefully these essential tips help you in finding the wedding photographer for you. Remember that you are in charge of whatever happens and finding the right wedding photographer is an easy process once you know what to expect and what you want.

Author bio:

Jonathan Griffiths a wedding photographer based in Buckinghamshire UK for www.lisagillphotography.com . Who writes numerous guest posts for other wedding and photography blogs.

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