Wedding Planning Tip-The 21st Century Do It Yourself Bride

by aiowedding on May 31, 2013

If you are a fan of Do-It-Yourself projects and a Bride, then chances are you have a pretty crafty wedding celebration on the horizon. But, in today’s world, Do-It-Yourself takes more than a Cricut machine and a hot glue gun, you need to be able to deliver a unique and fun experience for your wedding guests. This is the prime reason why I created “The Social Wedding Experience” ( with Blue Atlas Marketing!

Wedding Planning Tip-The 21st Century Do It Yourself BrideThis is a brand new mobile wedding website application that allows you to keep all of your friends and family updated on all of the preparations for your big day! Then, on the actual wedding day itself, your guests can share the photos they’re capturing of your fab celebration with you through the easy to use buttons in the application.

After the wedding is over, you can then view the galleries of wedding day photos, and even see them formatted chronologically with the timeline that you put into the application!

So, if you’re a fan of creative and unique touches for your wedding, then you should definitely check out this brand new product from Gray & Associates Events!

Celebrate WellAbout the Author: Shaun Gray is the owner of Gray & Associates Events, a boutique, award-winning, wedding and event planning firm in Houston, TX. He is also the creator of The Social Wedding Experience, and a wedding planning certification instructor at Lone Star College. For more information on Gray & Associates Events please visit

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