Wedding sparklers – A fantastic way to brighten up your unique wedding

by aiowedding on January 3, 2015

we’ve seen many wedding send-off trends throughout the years. There’s the traditional rice proven to be a bit messy and potentially dangerous for scavenging birds. There was the butterfly craze that seemed sweet in theory but eventually died off (literally; many butterflies died before the ceremony). Noise makers had their day as well, but tend to break the noise ordinance of common decency. So in honour of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, let’s celebrate the most dreamy, fabulous wedding send-off accessory of all: sparklers!

Wedding sparklers

Here’s a little history lesson: fireworks have been around since the sixth century, thanks to the Chinese. About 100 years later, an architect came along and created a smaller version of the Roman candle or what we call sparklers. Today they are most commonly used at 4th of July barbecues and on top of birthday cakes (got to love the tricky ones!). But the most romantic use for sparklers is when wedding guests line up outside the reception hall to shower the couple with wishes of success and good fortune.

Not only do sparklers carry all the benefits of a beautiful wedding send-off, but they also eliminate the nuances attached to many others, Having a handful of hard grains pelted at you doesn’t even sound pleasant and isn’t for all the birds that have choked on them throughout the years (this may just be folklore, but better safe than sorry). We all learned our lesson when wedding send-offs began turning into mass butterfly murder. Other options also have their stipulations. Many churches and reception sites don’t even allow flower petals to be tossed due to the mess it leaves. And bubbles, as cute as they are, tend to create awkward silences as guests are too busy blowing to wish you congratulations; not to mention the sticky hands.

Which brings us back to the wedding sparklers. They are perfect for any seasonal wedding and honestly, who doesn’t love a good ol’ sparkler? What is perhaps the most enchanting aspect of these little fireworks is their beauty. They glitter much brighter than the beading on your dress or the ring on your left ring finger and yeah, maybe they burn at temperature hot enough to melt gold (1800 degrees Fahrenheit) but doesn’t everyone like to feel a little dangerous every once in a while?

And unlike many other options, sparklers aren’t going to break the bank. Grabbing a peck for your wedding guests won’t cost your any more than a good pair of jeans.

So for those of you searching for the perfect send-off moment don’t forget to bring the sparkle! Sparklers are guaranteed to crate the most stunning moments ( and photo ops!) for your special day. Now head on over to the website and get yourself a sparkling and guilt-free send off.

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