Wedding Themes and Color Trends for a Fab 2014 Wedding

by aiowedding on December 5, 2013

Not sure how to make your 2014 nuptials pop? Explore the great and amazing trends and colors that are ever-popular for 2014 so you can incorporate them into your own big day. You just may find yourself exploring a whole new world of décor you never knew about, and may find yourself the perfect theme for your big day! 2014 is full of exciting colors and trends, and it’s easy to get into the wedding spirit once you check out these awesome ideas!
The color must-haves for 2014
You’d be surprised that blue and pink are the hot hues for 2014 weddings, but before you go thinking that this would make your wedding more ‘baby shower’ than fab wedding, think again. 2014 weddings are boasting deep navy blues and dusty rosy pinks in nearly everything. From bridesmaid dresses to the groom’s attire to pretty lacy bridal gowns, deep navy and soft pink hues are making their presence known in all types of venues. Explore the many color spectrums you can incorporate, courtesy of
Navy and pinks not your style? Explore other amazing colors as well, including aqua, gray, yellows, and more to make your big day one that you will truly love! Combine these color schemes, or use your favorite hue alone to create a to-die-for wedding extravaganza that you will love! When it comes to color in 2014, the sky’s the limit, so don’t be afraid to go with your favorite hue and make your wedding shine.

Beaded wedding gowns, beaded garlands to grace chairs, beaded accessories- you get the drift. Beads are all the rage for 2014, and not just in classic cream or white hues either. You can go bead-happy in any color you want, including the afore-mentioned navy and pink tones, to make your wedding day a real hit! Don’t be afraid to go all-out on your gown in particular; beads on sheer boleros, as accents down the front of gowns, and even along the train are super-popular for 2014 wedding gowns.
Vintage themes add that special touch to any occasion
Vintage items, including picture frames with black and white photos, broaches, lighting, and even candlesticks, are what make 2014 weddings charming and unique. Continuing from 2013, broaches and brooches (including broken pieces of vintage costume jewelry) adorn wedding bouquets, grace table settings, are wound around wine glasses, and set out as center pieces to make any room timeless and classic. Collect old meaningful pieces of jewelry, photographs, and more to make your 2014 nuptials both modern and classic at the same time.
The classic gem you can’t live without
Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, so make sure that you have the right accessories for 2014. These classic gems adorn engagement rings, bracelets, are stunning as accent pieces in soft updos, and are perfect for the simple added touches anywhere. Don’t be afraid to go all out- just like the bead trend, these trendy stones are ideal in 2014 for your big day.
These timeless jewels are also incorporated into wedding invitations, party favors, picture frames, and more, to make the big day a dazzling delight everywhere you look. No need to have the real deal at every table- fabulous replicas can be used for the décor while you can wear the shining real thing on your finger.
Your wedding day should be all about great color spectrums, amazing themes, and beautiful gems that can make you feel like your special day will be remembered forever. Explore the great world of color at your fingertips from your décor to your gown, and you are sure to find a theme or trend for 2014 that you are going to absolutely love!

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