Wedding Trends That 2017 Will Gladly Leave Behind

by aiowedding on March 8, 2017

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with traditions, but sometimes it can be more fun to skip a few formalities and embrace bit more fun. It can lighten up the entire atmosphere! From neither strapless nor skintight dresses to food that actually satisfies the taste buds (loaded Mac and cheese); carefree wedding celebrations are the very next thing of this New Year.

Atlanta wedding designer has covered a number of theme décor and custom décor for weddings. This is why they are going to be our best guide for today’s topic. Below is the list of few derivates we’ve taken from them to help you know what and how to do for your coming wedding:

Blush Bridesmaid Dresses is a Thing of the Past Now!
Blush Bridesmaid Dresses is a Thing of the Past Now! The shades of soft pink that stood out so much in the past two years for bridesmaid have just faded away. The blushing instead is just left for the bride, while the bridesmaids are now steering back to muted hues. You can add more variation top this and bring in some photogenic mix of patterns and texture while staying in some lighter tones. NOTE: This change however will work great if the party is bigger than five or more.

More Garland Centerpieces

2017 will also be a year of fewer formal centerpieces, but more rustic garland centerpieces will become the decoration items. From seeded eucalyptus to magnolia leaves and herbs to ferns, the most minimalist of vibes will now be gracing the arbors, canopies and even guest tables. But those formal looking pieces will be left behind from now onward.

Wedding Bands with Character
Wedding Bands with Character A new resurgence of wedding bands is seen with the start of this New Year – simple and classic kind, just how the traditional ring with a stone is. Although, the tradition diamond wedding ring is being replaced by the surprising gems like black diamond’s or yellow sapphires, with different shapes and cuts. The wedding bands are also becoming available with new shapes and thickness. NOTE: Everything is now in yellow gold – white gold is a thing of the past now!

It’s All Copper
It’s All Copper Copper has the shade that meshed up with elegant, vintage, rustic, and even glamorous wedding as well. You will find copper details almost everywhere this year, from candle holders to serving wares, and copper wire boutonniere wraps. Anything that might have seemed a thing of the past is now going to become a fashion.

Embellished Wedding Gown
Embellished Wedding Gown In 2017 wedding dresses will be top notch and will make you feel like a princess of the fairy world. It will be about the necklines, the plunging ones and will extend to long sleeves and cape tops. And you might not see enough flowers on the tables, but you will see plenty on the dress in the form of embroidery and appliqués.

Curate Registries
Curate RegistriesMajority of the people getting married are actually focusing on the out of the box items than on full fledge registry. Spending less on things cake stands and else is less important now, and people are concentrating on using the same amount for experiential gifts instead. See, if grandma wants to give a fancy Food Factory than why stop her from doing that?

Comfort and Taste Bud Satisfying Food Instead
Comfort and Taste Bud Satisfying Food Instead The family style food that actually leaves you feeling full, thinking of roasted chicken, fancy burgers, and vegetables – will simply be highlighting the weddings of 2017. Weddings are now focusing on serving food that is more fulfilling that a royal look of the meal. Fewer people, concentrated food that has taste and choice, and better taste will be clearly seen at the weddings to come than the routine weddings feasts of the past years.

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