What Makes a Wedding Great?

by aiowedding on August 30, 2013

Emotional wives, please do not read on if you have already been married. This is really for those who are maybe engaged and looking to organise a wedding – or even for those who are just interested in what goes into making a wedding a great wedding. I sincerely hope that everyone who has got married believes that their wedding was a great wedding, but having watched “Don’t tell the bride” I have a sneaking suspicion that not all weddings go to plan. You might even be able to say that not all wedding are created equal, and I would tend to agree with that. Whatever your views, here are some factors that go into making a wedding a great wedding.

The media likes to remind us Brits of our tendency to drink more than our continental cousins. Now this may well be the case, but who is going to deny that weddings are often fuelled by alcohol? Not me. Let me be very clear (and without sounding too much like my mother) you do not need alcohol to have a great wedding, but it makes it a whole lot easier when everyone is nice and merry. Make sure the drinks are flowing. There is nothing worse than when a wedding gets into the swing of things, people are relaxing after a slightly tense start…and then the booze runs out. Wine, champagne, beer and a generous dose of gin and tonics should keep everyone happy throughout the day and into the evening.

Onto less childish matters….

Don’t take everything so seriously. There are really only two times during a wedding when it gets serious, when the couple are actually being wed and the speeches after the dinner. Be serious then. The rest of the time you need to enjoy yourself. Let’s face it, the guests will enjoy themselves no matter what. This is directed towards the bride, groom and their families. Nobody wants the bride’s mother running around like a maniac trying to enforce her will in a military fashion. No way Jose. Just take it slow, and remember that this is a day where all of your close friends and family have come together to witness a special union. Do not, I repeat do not spoil it by shouting at people and making them feel like they are back at school.

The setting has to amaze. Choose something special. You and your guests will be spending the whole day there so get it right. Don’t go for something that you might get bored of after a few hours, choose a venue that makes a difference. Maybe somewhere that you might not visit every day like a large country estate – have a look at Sandon Hall in the South East of England if you want to go somewhere extra special, in my opinion the best wedding venue in Staffordshire. Get married where some of the most powerful people in the world have once signed treaties or had dinner. Or, if you are feeling like you want to push the boat out a bit further, get married sailing or near a lake. Just make sure that people talk about where they went for your wedding. If the venue is great it lends a big helping hand to towards the wedding being great. Trust me.
Great weddings do not happen by chance. They usually take a lot of organisation but if you put the time in before the wedding it makes the week leading up to the ceremonies and the day in general much easier going. Getting wed whilst knowing full well that everyone is going to have the best day they have had all year will mean that your wedding will forever be talked about!
For all those wives who are still reading…I hope I was preaching to the choir and that your wedding was as good as you imagined it to be.


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